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Composting Accelerator-activator : The Composting Accelerator-activator Is Indicated Especially  For Biodegradaci

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Composting Accelerator-activator

The composting accelerator-activator is indicated especially for biodegradaci  [More Details >>]

Supplier: Agrotucci  Contact now

Sales area: Spain

2.80 €


Pad Printing Silicon Rubber : Pad Printing Silicon Rubber Usages:	
pad Printing Silicone Rubber Is Mainly Use For Printing Irregular Patterns On Plastic Toys Shampoo Pen Gla...

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Pad Printing Silicon Rubber

Pad printing silicon rubber usages: pad printing silicone rubber is mainly use for printing irregular patterns on plastic toys, shampoo, pen, gla...  [More Details >>]

Supplier: Addition Cure Silicone Rubber  Contact now

Sales area: Worldwide

for Kg


Earthworm Casting : Worm Castings Are One Of The Most Natural Soil Enrichments Available And Are Environmentally Friendly All Natural Easy To Use And Safe To Handle....

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Earthworm Casting

Worm castings are one of the most natural soil enrichments available and are environmentally friendly, all natural, easy to use and safe to handle....  [More Details >>]

Supplier: Anphu Earthworm Co., Ltd  Contact now

Sales area: Europe, Asia, American


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